Emotional video
Director Simone Pace

The name of the project, promoted with Enel Cuore Onlus, states once again that the school is not something given once and for all, but a right which is built day by day, brick by brick, by practicing it in the spaces, in the didactics, in the relations with people, in the relations with the environment and territory, that is to say when you act a school. Therefore, the goal is to intervene and improve the quality of some places that can be referred to different environments of the school – that can be interpreted as learning contexts – in the course of 3 years in 60 preschools and primary schools on the whole of the national territory.

The areas are chosen on the whole of the national territory and aim at fostering those schools, which are experiencing strong economic, social, and cultural disadvantages, in areas where the school represents and can represent a reference for the communities living around the school since they can reflect themselves in it so as to be projected in a future with a higher social justice. Every project is an occasion to activate experiences of active citizenship in the areas: the choice of the place where to intervene and develop the qualification project is shared between the school and the contact people of FARE SCUOLA; furthermore the project path can involve the affected communities also thanks to the meetings where it is shared with parents.

It is possible to follow the development of the project also through an online narrative on the website: